Mission Statement & Overview of Services

Mission Statement

Unique to the state of California, the Diagnostic Centers are the California Department of Education's primary provider of direct services and assistance to California school districts and their special education students.

We provide comprehensive assessments, research-based interventions, quality professional development, and a continuum of technical assistance.

We are committed to improving educational outcomes for special education students with complex needs and fostering collaboration among educators and families.

Overview of Services

The Diagnostic Center, Northern California (DCN) services are provided by expert, transdisciplinary teams of diagnostic professionals, including educational specialists, speech/language specialists, school psychologists, clinical psychologists, and a pediatrician who address the unique educational needs of Northern California's students with complex learning and behavioral challenges enrolled in special education programs. The DCN operates from a “whole child” perspective focusing on the needs of the students we serve. The DCN is one of three regional assessment centers operated by the State Special Schools and Services Division of the California Department of Education. The Centers provide assessment, training, and technical assistance to all Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in California. The DCN offers highly specialized services in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive, state-of-the-art assessment and educational planning services to assist local school districts in determining the needs of their most complex students;
  • On-site technical assistance and consultation in program and instructional design based on the unique needs of each student;
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators and special education staff, including presentations at national, statewide, and local conferences and workshops, provided by specialists with "hands-on" experience;
  • Family education opportunities, including consultation, referral, and resource information.

There is no cost for our services; however, requests for assessment services must be generated by the local school district.